Lakewood 2011 by DJ99x

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Lakewood 2011 by DJ99x

Message par Tomsiiix le Mar 24 Juil - 11:24

DJ99X a écrit:

This pack includes 2 tracks
2012 MotoSport rF National Rd03: Lakewood
Lakewood 2011 (Dusk)

Track Credits
Checkerz - Displacement map
Giopanda - Timing tower, shed thingo
Haggqvist - Bales, start banner, doghouse, yellow stake
DDMX- Semi trailer
people - Semi trailer textures
DJ - Everything else (track textures, models, model textures, roost, etc)

Track Notes
This is based on the 2011 Lakewood national, and sort of the 2010 MXdN layout. You will probably say that the track doesn't have enough elevation. This is probably true. But we were too far in when we agreed that it was an issue, and it would have been alot of effort to change it. I did experiment with it, and to be honest, it really doesn't change how the track rides.
Included in the package is the dusk version. I've always wanted to make a Thunder Valley which is under lights, so I decided to whip this up. I'm not sure if the RaceFactory guys will run it, but it is exactly the same as the daytime version, so theres no point really.

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